How to build a bad ass gaming rig

To some people, computers are nothing more than convenient tools that are used to help get work done and make our lives a little bit more comfortable. However, to a select few of us, our computers are much, much more than that as they are where we spend a lot of our time.

Computers geared towards gaming are becoming a fast trend because of the entertainment needs that they provide. Because of these, more people have the intentions in knowing how to build a gaming rig that they can use for these needs. There needs to some considerations though in setting this one up to ensure this gets the best components available.

The first thing you need to consider is the money that you can allocate in building this. There are several parts that you need to buy including some components as well that are necessary for the operation. You need to set a budget that will work towards setting a price that can cater to your needs.

CPU performance is very necessary when you make your own gaming rig. This is one of the many important factors that you need to consider as this can also determine the success and execution of most programs inside the computer. You need to select one which is of top caliber in order for this to cater to your needs.

Along with the CPU, the memory also serves as one the best components in this. Being an important component for storage needs, this is something that needs to be attended too as well in making sure that your operations are supported. There are different enhancements and modifications made nowadays that caters to these needs.

The motherboard that supports the entire system must be taken into consideration too. This is the one that supports the performance of the computer in terms of memory. In order to get a good motherboard, the airflow must be one of the things that you need to consider to facilitate these functions.

Since this is going to be a hardcore gaming PC, this must come along with components that can support it. These are most efficient too when used with the right audio equipment that can get the best opportunities to obtain entertainment. With this, you can get a very important tool that can cater to this need.

For multitasking abilities, it is important to use a quad core gaming computer system. This is best known to provide great speed and performance. Most of the time, this is what game lovers try to get in order to come up with something that will be able to provide their best needs.

Once you have selected the right components, everything else from the motherboard down to the hard drive and case will fall into place. Making a gaming computer does not have to be difficult: just get the right processor and the other components for your budget, and everything else is simple.

These are just a few of the guides that can help you on how to build a gaming rig. This is also an advantage for someone who is looking for the best potentials in acquiring an equipment necessary to support their needs for entertainment. This is something that can indeed be acquired with the use of video games.

5 Best Apps and Helpful Gadgets That are Truly Worth Your Time

The number of apps and gadgets continue to increase as the technology advances. But how many of them are truly worth your time and actually help you? With millions of apps being there, it gets confusing to choose the best from the lot. It is the same with gadgets. Here is a list of some killer gadgets and some of the best apps that have been highly influential and helpful to people in this century and they are bound to make your life much easier.

1. Google Glass

With Google Glass, you get the computer at the size of a wearable glass at $1,500. It is one of the most innovative inventions, that allow you to take pictures, record videos of 720 HD quality and so much more. You can check out your phone calls, photos, weather and circle updates. Its applications are not limited to that. You can check your emails on Gmail, connect with your friends on Google+, and check out maps on Google Map using Glass. Many applications are still being made to make the Glass experience more interesting.

2. Cogniview

PDF files are used everywhere for almost everything. Be it an application form, a business contract, a manual or a spreadsheet. But the thing is, you cannot edit the data. Cogniview is an app, which converts PDF to Excel. Now you can easily edit your tables and sheets. The best feature of this app is its efficiency. It can convert up to 500 pages per minute. Hence, you not get your work done, but you get it done really quick.

3. Fitbit Pedometers

are commonly found everywhere but Fitbit’s range of health gadgets revolutionized pedometers and brought them into the digital world. With a FitBit tracker clipped on your back pocket, you can calculate the distance you covered, the calories you burned, and number f steps that you climbed. You can monitor your heart rate to a decent accuracy using FitBit charge 2. Various kinds of gadgets like FitBit Blaze, FitBit Aria, FitBit Surge are all available at affordable prices.

4. Asana Asana

is a team management application that has made project management and business a lot easier. It allows flexible communication between employees. With this app, you can update your project, keep a regular track and bring everyone in the team in one place for discussions. It is a great app that makes work life much easier and convenient. It is free from the hassle of email communication.

5. RescueTime

With cutting edge technology, apps and gadgets have taken over our lives. It is almost unimaginable to think of spending a day without your smart phone. From the morning, your alarm wakes you up, reminds you of your meeting and the list continue till you go to bed and fall off to sleep playing your favorite game. But wouldn’t it be great if you could track how long you spend time with your smart phone?

RescueTime breaks down your time and tells you how you have spent your time. It helps you block websites that keep you hooked for too long, lets you set goals and keeps track of the time you spend on social media. It is one of the most popular apps and people have truly benefited from it.

It is difficult to refrain from trying out new technology. But once you are into it, it becomes difficult to get over it. Hence, make your time worthwhile by using only the best and the most helpful apps and gadgets that are available. Use gadgets and apps that help you make your life simpler.