5 Pieces Of Mind Blowing Future Technology

Human civilisation has always striven for better. The journey from impossible to possible is nothing short of magical.

Here are some mind boggling testimonies of human imagination that could change the way we conduct our day-to-day businesses.

1. Cognitive Technology

Cognitive computing has pervaded all areas of our lives; from business to healthcare, travel and even adventure. Some examples include Lifelearn, Welltok and Wayblazer.

Welltok uses Cafewell Concierge which can process vast amount of data as well as answer queries and give insightful suggestions. It gives suggestions to health insurers and insurance providers.

Lifelearn uses a decision support tool called Sofie which uses information to decide on the best possible ways of treatment. It is commonly used in veterinary clinics.

Wayblazer is a personalised travel concierge and lets you ask natural language questions about places for vacation, accommodation.

2. Digestible Pill That Detects Diseases

Would you believe if I told you that you didn’t need to go to a doctor for a checkup? How about a magic pill?
You wouldn’t.

Google X has developed a pill that uses nanotechnology to detect cancer cells in our bodies. It is coordinated with a wearable that gives the results. The digestible pill releases iron-oxide nanoparticles into your bloodstream.

These, then, send biochemical signals if cancer cells are found. The wearable device creates a magnetic field to which these nanoparticles respond. As a result, carcinogenic cells are identified by painting.

3. Artificial Sun

Can we simulate nature to generate energy? It seems we can. Chinese Academy-of-Sciences has set out to create an artificial sun by heating plasma inside the Experimental Advanced-Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) magnetic fusion-chamber. EAST is 11 metres tall and can generate six times the heat of the sun, around 100 million Celsius.

It weighs around 400 tonnes and is 8 metres wide. The project that has been endorsed by the International Thermonuclear-Experimental Reactor will use deuterium and tritium for nuclear fusion to create a pollution free sustainable source of energy.

4. Mega Scale Geoengineering Project

Climate change is an issue that has become the scourge of humanity today. This geoengineering project is an attempt to restore balance. Climate change works to control carbon emissions and reduce its effects, a phenomenon that is also known as cloud whitening that involves seeding stratocumulus clouds with large amounts of tiny seawater particles.

Cloud whitening will increase reflectivity and in order to ensure its effectiveness, tiny mirrors will be made to float in between earth and sun to increase reflectivity. Geoengineering includes planting artificial trees as well as enhancing ocean alkalinity by adding lime to seawater. It aims at reducing the effects of climate change.

5. Floating Farms

UN predicts that the human population will exceed 200 billion by 2050. This may result in the death of accommodation and scarcity of food. To remedy this, industry experts may have to set up floating farms on seas.

An architect Javier Ponce of Forwarding Thinking-Architecture has designed a 24m tall, three-tiered structure that is equipped with solar panels that will grow vegetables over an area of 51,000-metre squares. Remarkably, the crops will not use nutrients from the liquid. A farm measuring 350m X 200m would produce roughly 8.1 tonnes of vegetables and 1.7 tonnes of fish in a year.

It’s no secret that machines will eventually supersede men. It won’t be long before we establish intergalactic communication.

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