The First Step in Your Marketing Strategy

Defining your brand is the most crucial step in developing your business plan. One of the most common sayings is “Marketing like the Big Brands”. What does marketing like the big brands mean?

These big brands started with a marketing strategy and a well-crafted plan. They defined their business in a compelling way.

Branding is the first step in your marketing strategy. In order to make a marketing plan, you have to define what you stand for and what types of products and services that a customer can expect from you. This is the first and very important step in the branding process.

A Novel Approach To Brand Strategy:

A recognizable brand is not only desirable it is required. You should consider your brand planning through two perspectives; from the inside out and the outside in.

The inside-out perspective identifies the thing that makes your brand unique, and the outside in perspective allows you to discover the true value of the brand in the market.

When defining your brand, you should clear the picture of how your brand and business is described. The path in building your brand should be clear and concise.

Make an Inventory of your Skills And Customers Needs:

It is important to think about what you can give and what your customers need. Identify your skills, what you are especially good at and what you want your customers to think. Think of all things you can do. Your unique set of skills that make your customers come to you.

Make it Different:

There are so many brands in the market. All are same yet very different. Focus on their tactics and strategies. How they made their brands different from each other. For example: if someone is selling shoes, same like other brands. What can be so different about that shoe brand to attract so many customers? Its specifications, features and what else? Focus on these things and make a list. Think through the kind of things you can do that make your customers come to you. Your brand should be defined on the base of your abilities to fulfill the needs of your customers.

Tell Your Story:

Every brand has a story. What’s yours?

A story is a punch line of your experiences, your breakthrough, and your goals. Your target audience needs to have a story or message in their minds when they think about your brand. Brand storytelling is commonly known as influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is more effective than any other traditional marketing strategies.

Make your message clear:

The message your brand delivers should be simple and clear. It is also important to be specific about your brand and its message. The key to the best brand strategy is to define your brand in a clear yet concise way. Engage your audience with your message. Make it appealing and constructive.

Your message is the key to the success of your business. Making it strictly specific will close out the future business building deals. In order to expand, make sure to define your business in a balanced way. A focused, different and clear message is the key to growth.

Future Technologies We Should Know About

One of the most interesting trends to follow over the years is undoubtedly technology. Even though there are many people who believe that someday, we’ll reach the maximum amount of advancements possible, there are still many years until then. Below are 5 of the most interesting future technologies we should know about.

4K Everywhere

We’re not just talking about 4K television and broadcasting, but it is expected that 4K will be the standardized way of viewing within the next 5 years. Right now it can be difficult to find any type of content in 4K, aside from videos that you can stream on YouTube. This is because companies are still trying to develop a new way to counter against piracy. You’ll soon be able to watch 4K content on Netflix, HBO Go, and other streaming services. Eventually, it will be available on direct-to-home options, including cable.

VR Everywhere

Although you can now buy virtual reality components for the PlayStation and PC, you can easily expect VR to be the next big thing, not only with gaming but from a variety of other industries as well. Instead of having to buy a brand new PC with enough power to run virtual reality machines, they will quickly become the standard.

Expect VR to become the best way for medical professionals to learn how to perform surgery, or for teens to learn how to drive before getting their license. You can even expect VR to be used for virtual meetings in businesses around the world within the next 5 years.

Holographic Images

Another one of the 5 future technologies we should know about is holographic images. Within the next 5 years, you’ll be able to take advantage of projectors that will display highly complex content. Right now you can already find projected keyboards and smartphones that offer a 3D display. You may even be able to have holographic phone calls or the ability to stream 3D media within the next 5 years.

Self-Driving Vehicles

There have already been an ample amount of advancements pertaining to cars, particularly the self-driving variety. With Google taking advantage of the technology and now Tesla creating their own autopilot functions, you can expect self-driving vehicles to become a more common thing within the next 5 years. Although they may not be considered as mainstream, there’s a high probability they’ll be equally as popular as motorcycles within the next few years.

Global Internet

One of the most interesting 5 future technologies we should know about is the global internet. There have already been numerous companies who have created plans to bring the internet to some of the most remote places around the world. As an example, Google and Project Loon as well as Facebook and solar-powered drones.

The main idea is for the companies to launch some type of aerial vehicle that will connect to satellites and bring the internet to the most remote places on the globe. The main concern that many people have with this idea is that although the internet will be widely accessible, it doesn’t necessarily mean the residents will have the infrastructure to take advantage of the internet.

Technology is something that mankind will always rely on, whether we’re looking for advancements in the medical field or more interesting toys to use on a regular basis. These 5 technologies are things you can certainly expect to be developed and available within the next 5 years.

Social Media Engagement: Future Trends

social media

With the growth of social media, there is nothing that people can not do on the Internet. Social media has become immensely popular that people make use of them for almost any purpose, such as recruitment. The recruiting industry was given a greater means of reaching a significant number of qualified and desirable candidates through the social media. Since many people are engaged in a lot of social networking sites, recruitment professionals can now easily advertise and recruit desirable candidates without spending too much time and effort in the process.

Not long ago we kept waiting on the friendly neighborhood postman or the long distance call for that matter. More recently, it’s the ubiquitous email. Come the present and things have notched up. We experience tweets, Facebook posts, and updates continually. Not to mention the instant aspect of it all. This evolution in getting engagement social will reach newer heights in the future. There will hardly be any differentials between the real and virtual world. With this, we will look at potential trends shaping the near future.

The Rise of Location-Based Functions

Location-dependent services like Gowalla, Foursquare will dominate the prospective future. Brand agencies will continue to shape the already expanding service across various demographics, topography as well as regions. The populace will fancy leveraging content which is locale related. Also, they will share such content, turning it into a closer social connection while being relevant. Currently, location-dependent services via mobiles make up for more than 50 million users. This will further perk up to 500 million users by the end of this year. By 2014, the services will contribute about $12.7 billion.

Content Sharing

Currently, video content sharing is a crucial aspect of keeping engagement social. This trend will only move north owing to the technological growth in video streaming. Such technology fosters the exchange motive for marketers and prospects alike. In truth, video based sites are controlled by consumers, not brand agencies. The masses craft and view the content they wish to see. More than 35 hours of video is upped every minute on YouTube mobile access accounts for almost 10%.

Augmented Reality: The True Experience

This real-time mechanism of combining information or live action with the real world will play a vital role in future social interactions. Augmented Reality brings alive both events social as well as real. Also, it will bring to life places like the museums and tourist hot spots while also getting engagement social. Tech mechanisms, for instance, Layar are getting increasingly popular via the Android platform. It will continue to foster the growth exponentially. Brand agencies using Augmented Reality will play a fundamental role in E-commerce where prospects can ‘Try On’ different outfits and accessories.

Gaming: The Social Way

Zynga is to gaming what Henry Ford is to cars. They both made their offering affordable to the common man. Zynga’s valuation at $15 billion is a testimonial to that fact. By now, gaming socially has changed the manner we carry out trade and commerce in distinct ways. Let’s face it almost all are guilty of protecting their virtual cattle and preserving their town’s green. The direction for such apps is only going one way – the following way. As brand agencies will continue to alter our lives and craft more interactive experiences. To sum up, turning engagement social in the prospective future will get the people to choose their market, and in turn, the market will come to them.

How to build a bad ass gaming rig

To some people, computers are nothing more than convenient tools that are used to help get work done and make our lives a little bit more comfortable. However, to a select few of us, our computers are much, much more than that as they are where we spend a lot of our time.

Computers geared towards gaming are becoming a fast trend because of the entertainment needs that they provide. Because of these, more people have the intentions in knowing how to build a gaming rig that they can use for these needs. There needs to some considerations though in setting this one up to ensure this gets the best components available.

The first thing you need to consider is the money that you can allocate in building this. There are several parts that you need to buy including some components as well that are necessary for the operation. You need to set a budget that will work towards setting a price that can cater to your needs.

CPU performance is very necessary when you make your own gaming rig. This is one of the many important factors that you need to consider as this can also determine the success and execution of most programs inside the computer. You need to select one which is of top caliber in order for this to cater to your needs.

Along with the CPU, the memory also serves as one the best components in this. Being an important component for storage needs, this is something that needs to be attended too as well in making sure that your operations are supported. There are different enhancements and modifications made nowadays that caters to these needs.

The motherboard that supports the entire system must be taken into consideration too. This is the one that supports the performance of the computer in terms of memory. In order to get a good motherboard, the airflow must be one of the things that you need to consider to facilitate these functions.

Since this is going to be a hardcore gaming PC, this must come along with components that can support it. These are most efficient too when used with the right audio equipment that can get the best opportunities to obtain entertainment. With this, you can get a very important tool that can cater to this need.

For multitasking abilities, it is important to use a quad core gaming computer system. This is best known to provide great speed and performance. Most of the time, this is what game lovers try to get in order to come up with something that will be able to provide their best needs.

Once you have selected the right components, everything else from the motherboard down to the hard drive and case will fall into place. Making a gaming computer does not have to be difficult: just get the right processor and the other components for your budget, and everything else is simple.

These are just a few of the guides that can help you on how to build a gaming rig. This is also an advantage for someone who is looking for the best potentials in acquiring an equipment necessary to support their needs for entertainment. This is something that can indeed be acquired with the use of video games.

5 Best Apps and Helpful Gadgets That are Truly Worth Your Time

The number of apps and gadgets continue to increase as the technology advances. But how many of them are truly worth your time and actually help you? With millions of apps being there, it gets confusing to choose the best from the lot. It is the same with gadgets. Here is a list of some killer gadgets and some of the best apps that have been highly influential and helpful to people in this century and they are bound to make your life much easier.

1. Google Glass

With Google Glass, you get the computer at the size of a wearable glass at $1,500. It is one of the most innovative inventions, that allow you to take pictures, record videos of 720 HD quality and so much more. You can check out your phone calls, photos, weather and circle updates. Its applications are not limited to that. You can check your emails on Gmail, connect with your friends on Google+, and check out maps on Google Map using Glass. Many applications are still being made to make the Glass experience more interesting.

2. Cogniview

PDF files are used everywhere for almost everything. Be it an application form, a business contract, a manual or a spreadsheet. But the thing is, you cannot edit the data. Cogniview is an app, which converts PDF to Excel. Now you can easily edit your tables and sheets. The best feature of this app is its efficiency. It can convert up to 500 pages per minute. Hence, you not get your work done, but you get it done really quick.

3. Fitbit Pedometers

are commonly found everywhere but Fitbit’s range of health gadgets revolutionized pedometers and brought them into the digital world. With a FitBit tracker clipped on your back pocket, you can calculate the distance you covered, the calories you burned, and number f steps that you climbed. You can monitor your heart rate to a decent accuracy using FitBit charge 2. Various kinds of gadgets like FitBit Blaze, FitBit Aria, FitBit Surge are all available at affordable prices.

4. Asana Asana

is a team management application that has made project management and business a lot easier. It allows flexible communication between employees. With this app, you can update your project, keep a regular track and bring everyone in the team in one place for discussions. It is a great app that makes work life much easier and convenient. It is free from the hassle of email communication.

5. RescueTime

With cutting edge technology, apps and gadgets have taken over our lives. It is almost unimaginable to think of spending a day without your smart phone. From the morning, your alarm wakes you up, reminds you of your meeting and the list continue till you go to bed and fall off to sleep playing your favorite game. But wouldn’t it be great if you could track how long you spend time with your smart phone?

RescueTime breaks down your time and tells you how you have spent your time. It helps you block websites that keep you hooked for too long, lets you set goals and keeps track of the time you spend on social media. It is one of the most popular apps and people have truly benefited from it.

It is difficult to refrain from trying out new technology. But once you are into it, it becomes difficult to get over it. Hence, make your time worthwhile by using only the best and the most helpful apps and gadgets that are available. Use gadgets and apps that help you make your life simpler.

Six newest trends in the tech industry

There are different people in the tech industry who spend their quality time predicting and trying to figure out how technology will change the world. One of such individuals is Eric Schmidt who us the chairman of Alphabet; Google’s parent. In his review, Schmidt has expounded on some trends that he believes the foundation of the future. These trends are game changing and will play an important role in the change of society and take technology to the next level. This article provides an elaborate list of the newest trends in the tech industry.

3D printing for buildings

Building construction is one of the most expensive things. Both residential and commercial buildings require a proper plan that is both time consuming, energy intensive and costly. The adoption of 3D printing will lower these expenses as it is driven by the latest trends in computing, software, and technology. Its adoption will result in buildings that are cost effective, easy to construct and are environmental friendly. The buildings would be generated by the industry and assembled on the site which is efficient and can also encourage the use of recycled material.

Virtual reality

This is a technology that is rapidly evolving and it closely monitored by industry watchers. However, it is expected that the advance use of virtual reality will soon emerge from the current gaming and entertainment world. The adoption of augmenting reality will make the society more informed and audio, and visual cues will star appealing in the workplace and cars.

Mobile medical data

Smartphones are essential in monitoring and collecting health data. On average, an individual touches their phone approximately 1500 times per week. They are therefore intimately connected to the body and with network, camera, computing capabilities and other sensors they are the perfect devices for connecting patients and doctors.

Self-driving cars

These cars will soon hit the market with a storm and open up new market opportunities. Besides, this trend will also make the world safe since computers will be doing all the work. Google is working towards the realization of this dream.

Adopting technology in education

Technology continues to play a vital role in ensuring a fair platform in learning. Through using computing technology for analysis of big data, effective trends in teaching can be identified and analyzed to ensure students get the best from their teachers. More tools will continue to be developed in the education sector to help teachers become more efficient and effective in the delivery of their content.

Diet Revolution

A revolution is coming where plants will be used to replace meat. Schmidt calls this revolutions nerds over cattle. The replacement of livestock with plants will reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses and fight climatic changes. The meat industry is affiliated with the production of greenhouse gasses. Besides, developing plants rich in protein that can be used in place of meat will drastically lower the cost od buying foods especially in developing countries where the acquisition of food becomes a challenge at times. Computers and data crunching have equipped the world with the ability to produce synthetic foods. Researchers and scientists will be able to carry their experiments and determine the best mix for nutritional value.

The above are just some of the technological advances and trends that are on the watch list and are getting the world by storm. Any tech enthusiast can watch on the above trends.

The advantages of having an LCD projector in an academic setting

Learning is a continuous process. You imbibe concepts faster if you see and hear what you are studying. What’s more, learning becomes more fun and entertaining when you see the topics in front of you. That is why projectors are popular in academic settings. These technological wonders help instructors and students get the most out of every topic. People find themselves looking forward to the next study session whenever projectors are involved.

Gone are the days when teachers have to write down their lectures on the blackboard, so that their students can copy them. You don’t have to suffer from messy chalk dust on your clothes, skin, and hair. All you need to do is plug in your projector and conduct your presentation. You can even use a laser pointer to emphasize certain aspects of your topic. The best part is that you don’t have to erase anything when you’re done. You can even have your topics photocopied as lecture notes at the end of the lesson. Below are more advantages of having LCD projectors in academic settings:

Better notes. Years ago, students strain in taking valuable notes during a lecture. They usually ask their teacher to repeat the section of the lecture or copy it from a crudely made visual aid. With projectors, learning facilitators can clearly provide lectures clearly. Students don’t have to squint, just to see what they are copying. If the students miss any of the slides, the teacher can just easily put it back on again. Students may also request the teacher to send them email copies of the concluded lecture.

More versatile teaching. With the help of projectors, teachers can make use of images, films, and slides for their topics. They can also show their students specific web pages, so that they can show the more elaborate concepts.
Maximized classes. Instead of spending half of the class time writing lectures on the blackboard, the teacher can just show the lesson by projecting it. Merely clicking on certain points, allows teachers to explain more of the lesson, rather than writing it down.

Professional-looking student presentations. Students can also use the projectors in the classroom. They can be creative in combining audio and video elements. With the youth’s exposure to social media and gadgets, students can come up with more interactive means of providing information about their report.
New pathways in lessons. Instead of showing the usual globe or map, teachers can use Google Earth and project the search on screen. Teachers can also allow their students to view streaming educational videos or watch live feeds related to their topic.
Easy to use. Projectors are not complicated to connect and use. You just have to plug yours in and start using it to improve your lesson. Of course, you have to learn how to trouble shoot your projector from time to time. This helps you continue with your presentation, when a glitch interrupts it.
You should do your homework first, before you purchase the right projector for your class. When you finally found it, take good care of it, so it can serve you and your students for a longer time.

Looking Ahead to BMW’s Plans for the Future

BMW has always had innovation in their design and plans. This a forward thinking auto manufacturer who strives for excellence and elegance in everything they do, just look at their latest BMW X6 2017 model as an example. So it comes as no surprise that the company is already looking ahead and making their plans for what they will accomplish in the future.

The current trend they are on, is creating all electric vehicles that are smarter for the environment. These vehicles also offer autonomous driving features, that makes them an exceptional choice for those who want to be part of the future of driving. BMW has always been on the cutting edge of things, and the German car manufacturer has worked to boost the strength of their research and development team. The goal is to discover more effective ways to produce artificial intelligence, and to improve on the software design in their vehicles.

The company understands that in order to make it in today’s market, there must be more than just good enough. There are countless companies like Apple that are swooping in and taking a stab at popular markets and succeeding. An example is the Smartphone market which Apple and Google have effectively managed to stronghold when neither company had a foot in the door when the devices came out. The fear is that a similar thing could happen with vehicles and that could make longtime auto companies a thing of the past.

BMW no longer wants to be viewed as just a luxury car. They understand the desire people have for intelligent vehicles. Their goal now is to create the most intelligent car on the market. Over the course of the next five years, they are setting out to create a vehicle that can use clouds, handle autonomous driving, and do more than a person can dream would ever be possible.

While BMW has been quick to scold Apple on some of their other business ventures in the past, it doesn’t mean that the pair have bad blood. There have been numerous reports in tech and automotive magazines that their pair have discussed the possibility of working together on what is dubbed Project Titan. If the two come to an agreement, this could speed up the process and we could potentially end up seeing a series of smart car vehicles roll off the industry line at the German production plants of BMW in the not so distant future.

However, both are quick to point out that there is no agreement in place and this is ultimately speculation, it still gives us some insight into what the company has high hopes to produce. At the end of the day, it will be interesting to see what BMW does present to us and to discover just how incredible the future of the automobile is. When you consider how archaic the vehicles of a century ago are when compared to the modern vehicle is. There is no doubt that the wheels are in motion with BMW’s plans and the automotive industry is poised to have another golden era in the near future.

Why Companies are Choosing Online Marketing Over Offline Marketing

In the digital era, more companies are looking at ways to market their goods and services online. While offline marketing has proven to be highly effective in the past, today more people are doing their business over the internet. That means that in order to stay in front of the consumer, you need to take the time to handle your marketing efforts online.

With online marketing, companies also have the chance to interact more effectively with their customers. Offline marketing leaves an impression in a moment. When brands interact with their clients online, they have the chance to build better brand loyalty and that means a person who might have no preference on a particular line of items will be more drawn to your own brand.

Companies also realize their competition are hitting the internet hard. This means that in order to avoid getting lost in the sea of competitors, you need to have an online marketing plan that keeps you at the forefront of your customer’s mind. After all, you can better target the people you want to have impacted by your online advertising and with the right SEO, you’ll have the ability to take things to the next level – says Tal Lifschitz of Rise Marketing.

Your business is also likely to find that it has a better return on investment from the efforts you put into your online marketing. With offline marketing efforts, you are limited on the range and the focus of people. Through your online efforts, you have the chance to have continuous impact in front of your target audience. Think of it this way. A million people might watch a television show. But if the core audience has no interest in what you are selling, it won’t matter how impressive your ad is, and that means you can invest a considerable amount of money and not benefit from your efforts.

Online, the marketing is very different. You have the ability to target websites that actually pertain to the goods and services you offer. That means you only reach people with a genuine interest in the topic and you can avoid shelling out large sums of money from people who might actually have no interest. With that, you can determine actual conversions with links that provide you real time data on your efforts. This means you can remove marketing that isn’t giving you a significant return on investment and focus your efforts on areas where you are getting results.

As you can see, it is more beneficial to your business to focus your marketing efforts online. With a little effort, you may even find that you are able to generate better sales, when you do master the art of doing your marketing online.