Future Technologies We Should Know About

One of the most interesting trends to follow over the years is undoubtedly technology. Even though there are many people who believe that someday, we’ll reach the maximum amount of advancements possible, there are still many years until then. Below are 5 of the most interesting future technologies we should know about.

4K Everywhere

We’re not just talking about 4K television and broadcasting, but it is expected that 4K will be the standardized way of viewing within the next 5 years. Right now it can be difficult to find any type of content in 4K, aside from videos that you can stream on YouTube. This is because companies are still trying to develop a new way to counter against piracy. You’ll soon be able to watch 4K content on Netflix, HBO Go, and other streaming services. Eventually, it will be available on direct-to-home options, including cable.

VR Everywhere

Although you can now buy virtual reality components for the PlayStation and PC, you can easily expect VR to be the next big thing, not only with gaming but from a variety of other industries as well. Instead of having to buy a brand new PC with enough power to run virtual reality machines, they will quickly become the standard.

Expect VR to become the best way for medical professionals to learn how to perform surgery, or for teens to learn how to drive before getting their license. You can even expect VR to be used for virtual meetings in businesses around the world within the next 5 years.

Holographic Images

Another one of the 5 future technologies we should know about is holographic images. Within the next 5 years, you’ll be able to take advantage of projectors that will display highly complex content. Right now you can already find projected keyboards and smartphones that offer a 3D display. You may even be able to have holographic phone calls or the ability to stream 3D media within the next 5 years.

Self-Driving Vehicles

There have already been an ample amount of advancements pertaining to cars, particularly the self-driving variety. With Google taking advantage of the technology and now Tesla creating their own autopilot functions, you can expect self-driving vehicles to become a more common thing within the next 5 years. Although they may not be considered as mainstream, there’s a high probability they’ll be equally as popular as motorcycles within the next few years.

Global Internet

One of the most interesting 5 future technologies we should know about is the global internet. There have already been numerous companies who have created plans to bring the internet to some of the most remote places around the world. As an example, Google and Project Loon as well as Facebook and solar-powered drones.

The main idea is for the companies to launch some type of aerial vehicle that will connect to satellites and bring the internet to the most remote places on the globe. The main concern that many people have with this idea is that although the internet will be widely accessible, it doesn’t necessarily mean the residents will have the infrastructure to take advantage of the internet.

Technology is something that mankind will always rely on, whether we’re looking for advancements in the medical field or more interesting toys to use on a regular basis. These 5 technologies are things you can certainly expect to be developed and available within the next 5 years.

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