Should You Hire A Website Designer Or Use Squarespace?

Major knowledge advancements have been integrated in web building and development. Today, almost anybody can own a website without formal knowledge of web mark-up languages. HTML (hyper text mark-up language) and CSS (cascading style sheet)used to and still play a vital role in building interactive web pages of all sorts and for all purposes. But presently, there are several platforms for building any kind of website from e-commerce, blog, photography, advertising and the likes. These platforms have developed a powerful that preempts a knowledge of coding. Although, they all offer great contents for enhancing your website and giving it that professional look to suit your satisfaction. Example of these providers are WordPress, Wix, Jomda, Weebly and Squarespace.

We are placing more emphasis on Squarespace. What is Squarespace? Is it preferable to hire a website designer or use a website builder like Squarespace.

Squarespace is a visually appealing website launched in 2004 with the aim of providing a web building tool for businesses and individuals. It comes with the bundles for user to make choices as this makes for flexibility. It is very easy to use by simply dragging and dropping. It is built with over a thousand templates to choose from, an optimized SEO, upholds
all hosting requirements and provides an enhanced e-commerce functionality.

Platforms like Squarespace obliges you to pay an amount of dollar on a monthly basis and this depends on the bundle selected.

On the other hand, a website designer can be an individual or a firm. Either way, they are experts that can share your business vision with you and then fashion a website that will completely tailor the needs of your business. Website designers are unique in terms of delivering creative websites and would always be there to take on
any tweak when there is a need for it.

A lot of factors determine why one should hire a professional web designer or Squarespace to build hi/her website. In this
article , we will make a comparison below between hiring a web designer and using Squarespace.

Attribute Web Designer Squarespace

1. Cost and affordability

In most cases, it is always expensive to hire a professional web designer to come up with a website that can perfectly tailor and align with your business With a little amount of money, one can setup a website on Squarespace. This is the major reason it is the most sought after.

2. Delivery Time

Unlike Squarespace, a web designer can take as long as a month to deliver. A website can be created and fully optimized under an hour having selected and made payment for a particular template.

3. Design

Because professional web designers have a profound knowledge of user interface and how vital it is for a website to enchant users, they tend to produce better designs compared to Squarespace. Most of these key elements are discussed while hiring a web designer. Besides this, there’s reliability for a generic design since pervasive templates aren’t used. In terms of design, Squarespace cannot in any dissected segment be compared to a professional web designer’s output. Reason being that most of the paid-for websites still feel like templates and they aren’t unique. A total of over hundred people can choose the same website. This is one pitfall of any website building platform.

4. SEO

It is the duty of the web designer to provide a robust and well programmed SEO for your business while building your site. SEO is usually included in the web building plan. Unlike a professional website designer, Squarespace does not offer
highly optimized and advanced tools for a yielding SEO.

5. Conversion and Flexibility

A professional web designer will optimize a website in such a way that it allows for smooth conversions. There may be need to tweak the website later on in the future, however it is the job of the designer to make it as flexible as possible. Nothing can be done here in terms of conversion even at its highest purchased bundle. Sometimes the owner of the business may want to include one or two things but Squarespace does not create for that.

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