Six newest trends in the tech industry

There are different people in the tech industry who spend their quality time predicting and trying to figure out how technology will change the world. One of such individuals is Eric Schmidt who us the chairman of Alphabet; Google’s parent. In his review, Schmidt has expounded on some trends that he believes the foundation of the future. These trends are game changing and will play an important role in the change of society and take technology to the next level. This article provides an elaborate list of the newest trends in the tech industry.

3D printing for buildings

Building construction is one of the most expensive things. Both residential and commercial buildings require a proper plan that is both time consuming, energy intensive and costly. The adoption of 3D printing will lower these expenses as it is driven by the latest trends in computing, software, and technology. Its adoption will result in buildings that are cost effective, easy to construct and are environmental friendly. The buildings would be generated by the industry and assembled on the site which is efficient and can also encourage the use of recycled material.

Virtual reality

This is a technology that is rapidly evolving and it closely monitored by industry watchers. However, it is expected that the advance use of virtual reality will soon emerge from the current gaming and entertainment world. The adoption of augmenting reality will make the society more informed and audio, and visual cues will star appealing in the workplace and cars.

Mobile medical data

Smartphones are essential in monitoring and collecting health data. On average, an individual touches their phone approximately 1500 times per week. They are therefore intimately connected to the body and with network, camera, computing capabilities and other sensors they are the perfect devices for connecting patients and doctors.

Self-driving cars

These cars will soon hit the market with a storm and open up new market opportunities. Besides, this trend will also make the world safe since computers will be doing all the work. Google is working towards the realization of this dream.

Adopting technology in education

Technology continues to play a vital role in ensuring a fair platform in learning. Through using computing technology for analysis of big data, effective trends in teaching can be identified and analyzed to ensure students get the best from their teachers. More tools will continue to be developed in the education sector to help teachers become more efficient and effective in the delivery of their content.

Diet Revolution

A revolution is coming where plants will be used to replace meat. Schmidt calls this revolutions nerds over cattle. The replacement of livestock with plants will reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses and fight climatic changes. The meat industry is affiliated with the production of greenhouse gasses. Besides, developing plants rich in protein that can be used in place of meat will drastically lower the cost od buying foods especially in developing countries where the acquisition of food becomes a challenge at times. Computers and data crunching have equipped the world with the ability to produce synthetic foods. Researchers and scientists will be able to carry their experiments and determine the best mix for nutritional value.

The above are just some of the technological advances and trends that are on the watch list and are getting the world by storm. Any tech enthusiast can watch on the above trends.

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