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Social Media Engagement: Future Trends

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With the growth of social media, there is nothing that people can not do on the Internet. Social media has become immensely popular that people make use of them for almost any purpose, such as recruitment. The recruiting industry was given a greater means of reaching a significant number of qualified and desirable candidates through the social media. Since many people are engaged in a lot of social networking sites, recruitment professionals can now easily advertise and recruit desirable candidates without spending too much time and effort in the process.

Not long ago we kept waiting on the friendly neighborhood postman or the long distance call for that matter. More recently, it’s the ubiquitous email. Come the present and things have notched up. We experience tweets, Facebook posts, and updates continually. Not to mention the instant aspect of it all. This evolution in getting engagement social will reach newer heights in the future. There will hardly be any differentials between the real and virtual world. With this, we will look at potential trends shaping the near future.

The Rise of Location-Based Functions

Location-dependent services like Gowalla, Foursquare will dominate the prospective future. Brand agencies will continue to shape the already expanding service across various demographics, topography as well as regions. The populace will fancy leveraging content which is locale related. Also, they will share such content, turning it into a closer social connection while being relevant. Currently, location-dependent services via mobiles make up for more than 50 million users. This will further perk up to 500 million users by the end of this year. By 2014, the services will contribute about $12.7 billion.

Content Sharing

Currently, video content sharing is a crucial aspect of keeping engagement social. This trend will only move north owing to the technological growth in video streaming. Such technology fosters the exchange motive for marketers and prospects alike. In truth, video based sites are controlled by consumers, not brand agencies. The masses craft and view the content they wish to see. More than 35 hours of video is upped every minute on YouTube mobile access accounts for almost 10%.

Augmented Reality: The True Experience

This real-time mechanism of combining information or live action with the real world will play a vital role in future social interactions. Augmented Reality brings alive both events social as well as real. Also, it will bring to life places like the museums and tourist hot spots while also getting engagement social. Tech mechanisms, for instance, Layar are getting increasingly popular via the Android platform. It will continue to foster the growth exponentially. Brand agencies using Augmented Reality will play a fundamental role in E-commerce where prospects can ‘Try On’ different outfits and accessories.

Gaming: The Social Way

Zynga is to gaming what Henry Ford is to cars. They both made their offering affordable to the common man. Zynga’s valuation at $15 billion is a testimonial to that fact. By now, gaming socially has changed the manner we carry out trade and commerce in distinct ways. Let’s face it almost all are guilty of protecting their virtual cattle and preserving their town’s green. The direction for such apps is only going one way – the following way. As brand agencies will continue to alter our lives and craft more interactive experiences. To sum up, turning engagement social in the prospective future will get the people to choose their market, and in turn, the market will come to them.

How to build a bad ass gaming rig

To some people, computers are nothing more than convenient tools that are used to help get work done and make our lives a little bit more comfortable. However, to a select few of us, our computers are much, much more than that as they are where we spend a lot of our time.

Computers geared towards gaming are becoming a fast trend because of the entertainment needs that they provide. Because of these, more people have the intentions in knowing how to build a gaming rig that they can use for these needs. There needs to some considerations though in setting this one up to ensure this gets the best components available.

The first thing you need to consider is the money that you can allocate in building this. There are several parts that you need to buy including some components as well that are necessary for the operation. You need to set a budget that will work towards setting a price that can cater to your needs.

CPU performance is very necessary when you make your own gaming rig. This is one of the many important factors that you need to consider as this can also determine the success and execution of most programs inside the computer. You need to select one which is of top caliber in order for this to cater to your needs.

Along with the CPU, the memory also serves as one the best components in this. Being an important component for storage needs, this is something that needs to be attended too as well in making sure that your operations are supported. There are different enhancements and modifications made nowadays that caters to these needs.

The motherboard that supports the entire system must be taken into consideration too. This is the one that supports the performance of the computer in terms of memory. In order to get a good motherboard, the airflow must be one of the things that you need to consider to facilitate these functions.

Since this is going to be a hardcore gaming PC, this must come along with components that can support it. These are most efficient too when used with the right audio equipment that can get the best opportunities to obtain entertainment. With this, you can get a very important tool that can cater to this need.

For multitasking abilities, it is important to use a quad core gaming computer system. This is best known to provide great speed and performance. Most of the time, this is what game lovers try to get in order to come up with something that will be able to provide their best needs.

Once you have selected the right components, everything else from the motherboard down to the hard drive and case will fall into place. Making a gaming computer does not have to be difficult: just get the right processor and the other components for your budget, and everything else is simple.

These are just a few of the guides that can help you on how to build a gaming rig. This is also an advantage for someone who is looking for the best potentials in acquiring an equipment necessary to support their needs for entertainment. This is something that can indeed be acquired with the use of video games.