The Top 5 Creative Promotional Campaigns Business Giants Carried Out on Social Media

If a company wants social media users to like, follow and share their content over and over again –the organization ought to be creative and witty so as to reach a wider audience. Several big companies have become pros on social media promotion and won the hearts of many. Below are some of the big names that have run very successful social media promotional campaigns

1. Coca-Cola Superbowl’s “America It’s Beautiful

With the current political temperatures where most minorities feel like segregation is the norm, coca cola came up with a commercial that is witty and relevant and resonates well with the American dream—promoting multiculturalism. The promotion is cool and features the song “America the Beautiful” in different languages. The development makes the 2017 SuperBowl games fascinating with many people retweeting the song.

2. Walmart’s- “Spark Change Campaign.”

Walmart partnered with Feeding America Organization in the Fight Hunger –Spark Change Campaign. Walmart used influencers and celebrities who posted on their walls that for every like, share or comment on #fighthunger; the Walmart Foundation would donate $0.9 to Feeding America. The campaign became a hit almost immediately with the campaign reaching its targeted tweets and shares within a day instead of the 30 day period the company had set.

3. Exxon Mobil- “Build Tomorrow Video Series.”

Engineering is not a topic that young people want to talk about on social media. Exxon Mobil in partnership with different public relations firms decided to run a campaign on social media highlighting success stories of engineers and what they do in the field. The videos series became a hit almost immediately with young people aspiring to be engineers.

4. Apple’s Twitter Handle- @Apple Support

The tech giant Apple has always shied away from social media. For instance, it does not have a Facebook page or even a twitter handle. Recently it opened a Twitter account handle called @AppleSupport. The Twitter handle will give tips, tricks, hacks and answer questions about the products that the company offers.

The twitter handle is a break from the norm where Apple is focusing more on customer experience other than offering corporate social responsibilities initiatives to gain a following like most corporate do.

5. General Electric’s Facebook Page- “Imagination at Work.”

General Electric has created a social media that is unparalleled. The community engagement forum mostly focuses on issues dealing with health, energy, infrastructure and General Electrics products.

The company’s Facebook page has a tagline “Imagination at work,” which captivates a lot of their customers and makes engaging with the business fascinating.

One of the most successful campaigns GE has run is one of the latest appliance Aros-an air conditioners that one can easily control with their smartphone. The punchline is the world’s smartest app-enabled air conditioner that was invented by someone just like you.

Another successful ad campaign was through a video series showcasing firsts. There were two people namely Kumiko and Zeng. They both had a first in Ultrasound and flight consecutively. Both experiences showcase General Electric’s impact on our everyday lives.

Social media has changed the way of doing business for companies all over the world. As such, a company’s promotional campaign ought to resonate well with the user, or they will be out of the market in a very short time. Creativity and wittiness are essential to run successful promotional campaigns on social media.

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